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Dwarka - A destination of choice

The property market value of Dwarka is excellent. Investors flock to Dwarka because of its financial potential. Dwarka has become a natural choice for real estate asset in the area without the presence of land in the other parts of Delhi. 23 are almost improved and the 24th, 25th and 26th sectors are under improvement out of the total 29 sectors in Dwarka. Nonetheless, the 32-lane Expressway’s opening has amazingly connected Dwarka with Delhi, and the values of the property here have a noticeable effect of the changes. Co-operative Housing Co-operative Group Housing Society or CGHS builds the main fraction of residential type in this city. Property over 350 CGHS has been chosen out of 75 percent has been made and another 25 percent are in an enhanced stage of achievement. Out of CGHS, almost all, about 70 percent constitutes 3BHK apartments and above 3+1, 4BHK servant room or a Study. And in the other part, the rest are studio apartment houses and 2BHK residences of small number. At present, there are around 326 CGHS prepared and an estimate 100 people live in a society. About 70 percent of these are utilized. Dwarka's flats are more costly in comparison to other colonies like Rohini. A regular flat in Rohini charges Rs 35 lakh but that in Dwarka charges Rs 55 lakh. About three to four years later, those who had bought in Dwarka would put up for sale a 2BHK residence to acquire a 3BHK apartment in older communities of West Delhi like Vikaspuri and Janakpuri according to the broker of property. Market Trends People are putting up for sale their 3BHK apartment in the nearby settlements as people aim to live in a place with newer edifice, better environment and social infrastructure to purchase even a 2BHK residence in Dwarka of Delhi. DDA Flats The Delhi Development Authority or DDA has formed 40,000 apartment buildings under mega residence, self financing, MIG, HIG, and incremental housing schemes. However, particular thought has been distributed to the Economically Weaker Sections or EWS of the community. In addition, a variety of LIG, EWS, and Resettlement Housing Schemes have been prepared. It is estimated that there are 20,000 DDA flats which 8,000 to 10,000 are taken up. 70 percent are prepared and are waiting for allocation among DDA flats. Moreover, Dwarka’s DDA flats are unidentifiable as typecast DDA flats. They are formed on the new model and they are full of stories with raises. They also have colored frontages instead of the ordinary grey ones. There is also earthquake evidence system in several sectors. These residential lands challenge the former low quality mass residences’ picture of DDA flats. These flats are also more expensive, with bigger area size, than the ones in the first settlement areas of Vikaspuri and Janakpuri. These were structured around 1960s. Dwarka, as one of the prettiest parts of Delhi India, has a good property market value. So, to those who want to move out from their present residential area, try to select an alternative residential settlement here. For sure, people will have a satisfying life and they might enjoy the great attractions here. Other than that, they would also sell off these lands in the future and earn a little money once they decided to live in other places. This is definitely a good investment.


Sector wise, Plot wise details of Flats in Dwarka

Societies/Apartments/DDA Flats in Dwarka

DDA - Pocket No. I
DDA - Pocket No. II
DDA - Pocket No. III

Pragya Society - Plot No. 1B
Joy Apartments - Plot No. 2
Anmol Apartments - Plot No. 3A
Ashadeep Apartments - Plot No. 3B
Mandakini Apartments - Plot No. 3C
Mahalaxmi Apartments - Plot No. 4
N.P.S.C. Society - Plot No. 5
S.B. Youth Society - Plot No. 6A
Navnirman Society - Plot No. 6B
DDA - Pocket No. I
DDA - Pocket No. II

Hetitage Towers - Plot No. 1
Sansad Vihar - Plot No. 2
Progressive Apartments - Plot No. 3
National Apartments - Plot No. 4
Vishrantica Society - Plot No. 5A
Batukhi Society - Plot No. 5B
Welcome Group - Plot No. 6
Balaji Society - Plot No. 7
Himachali Society - Plot No. 8
The Air India - Plot No. 9
Kairali Apartments - Plot No. 10
Prodyogiki Apartments - Plot No. 11
DDA - Pocket No. I
DDA - Pocket No. II
DDA - Pocket No. XVI

Bahawal Pur Apartment - Plot No. 1
Kailash Apartments - Plot No. 2
Neelanchal Society - Plot No. 3
Patel Society - Plot No. 4
New Jai Bharat Society - Plot No. 5
Aakriti Apartments - Plot No. 6
Din Apartments - Plot No. 7
South Delhi Apartments - Plot No. 8
Ies Apartments - Plot No. 9
Pushpanjali Apartments - Plot No. 10
P.N.B. Apartments - Plot No. 11
Sarav Satan Society - Plot No. 12
Satyam Apartments - Plot No. 13
Hum Sub Apartments - Plot No. 14
Sanchar Vihar Society - Plot No. 15
Hum Sub Apartments - Plot No. 16
Aishwaryam Apartments - Plot No. 17
Shree Badrinath Apartments - Plot No. 18
Dakshinayan Apartments - Plot No. 19
Sanghamitra Apartments - Plot No. 20
Sanchar Vihar Society - Plot No. 15
Hum Sub Apartments - Plot No. 16
Aishwaryam Apartments - Plot No. 17
Shree Badrinath Apartments - Plot No. 18
Dakshinayan Apartments - Plot No. 19
Sanghamitra Apartments - Plot No. 20
Ratnakar Apartments - Plot No. 21
Bank Apartments - Plot No. 22
Chanakya Apartments - Plot No. 23
Panchsheel Apartments - Plot No. 24
Anant - Plot No. 25A
Classic Home - Plot No. 25B
Antriksha Apartments - Plot No. 26
New Jyoti Apartments - Plot No. 27
Nav Puneet - Plot No. 28
Ispatika Apartments - Plot No. 29
Saheta Apartments - Plot No. 30
Kalyani Apartments - Plot No. 31
Sri Raam Apartments - Plot No. 32
United Apartents - Plot No. 34
Green Heavens - Plot No. 35
Rajasthan - Plot No. 36
DDA - Pocket No. I

Ganinath Nikunj - Plot No. 1
Vivekanand Apartment - Plot No. 2
Mansarovar Apartment - Plot No. 3
Kasarwani - Plot No. 4
Lovely Home Apartment - Plot No. 5
Mothers Apartment - Plot No. 6
Palam - Plot No. 7
Jhelum - Plot No. 8
Jawahar Lal - Plot No. 9
Meera Bai - Plot No. 10
JDM. Apartments - Plot No. 11
Hind - Plot No. 12
Navin Apartment - Plot No. 13
The Apoorva - Plot No. 14
Himachal - Plot No. 15
Jai Maa Apartment - Plot No. 16
Management - Plot No. 17
Shakti Apartment - Plot No. 18
New Priyadarshani - Plot No. 19
Shahdra - Plot No. 20
DDA - Pocket No. I

Sector 6
Vrindavan Apartment - Plot No. 1
Guru Apartments - Plot No. 2
BadhwarApartment - Plot No. 3
Kaveri Apartment - Plot No. 4
Swami Dayanand Society - Plot No. 5
Shivlok Society - Plot No. 6
Gyan Shakti Society - Plot No. 7
Katyayan Society - Plot No. 8
U. F. Apartments - Plot No. 9
New Ashiana Apartment - Plot No. 10
Sahara Apartment - Plot No. 11
Rudra Society - Plot No. 12
Diamond Square Apartment - Plot No. 13A
Subh Laxmi - Plot No. 13B
Youngesters Society - Plot No. 13C
Surya Apartments - Plot No. 14
Great India Apartment - Plot No. 15
Vasundhra - Plot No. 16
Akash Ganga - Plot No. 17
I. I. P. Admn. - Plot No. 18
Sanmati - Plot No. 19A
Aastha - Plot No. 19B
R. D. Apartments - Plot No. 20
Mayank Mansion - Plot No. 21
Anusandhan Apartment - Plot No. 22
Sabka ghar - Plot No. 23
Som Apartments - Plot No. 24
Manglik Apartment - Plot No. 25
JJPA - Plot No. 26
Param Puneet - Plot No. 27
Kamakshi Apartment - Plot No. 28
Great Friend - Plot No. 29
Bahawalpur Apartment - Plot No. 30
Kalka Apartment - Plot No. 31
Shivlik Apartments - Plot No. 32
Princess Park - Plot No. 33
Vidya Sagar Apartments - Plot No. 34
Skylark Apartment - Plot No. 35
The Daffodils - Plot No. 36
Sri Balaji Apartment - Plot No. 37
Unique Apartment - Plot No. 38
Adarsh Arya Apartment - Plot No. 39A
Santosh Apartment - Plot No. 39B
Karor Society - Plot No. 39C
Hahnemann Enclave - Plot No. 40

Sector - 7
Shri Niketan Society - Plot No. 1
Young Aheria Society - Plot No. 2
Rashi Apartments - Plot No. 3
Harsukh Apartments - Plot No. 4
Kamal Vihar Society - Plot No. 5
Satisar Society - Plot No. 6
Brahma Society - Plot No. 7
St. Ann's Society - Plot No. 8a
CBI.P Society - Plot No. 8b
Arjun Apartments - Plot No. 8c
Evergreen Apartments - Plot No. 9
Sri Agrasen Apartments - Plot No. 10
Airforce & Navel Officers Enclave - Plot No. 11
Happy Home Apartments - Plot No. 12a
Shree Ganesh Apartments - Plot No. 12b
Sargodha Apartments - Plot No. 13
Krishan Kunj - Plot No. 14
St. Columbas Apartments - Plot No. 15
Arunachal Apartments - Plot No. 16
Siddhartha Kunj - Plot No. 17
Media Society - Plot No. 18a
Crown Residence Apartments - Plot No. 18b
Megdoot Apartments - Plot No. 19
Shivbhole Apartments - Plot No. 20
Sharma Friens Society - Plot No. 21
Shruti Apartments - Plot No. 22

Sector - 9
Paradise Apartments - Plot No. 1
Millennium Apartments - Plot No. 2
Shri Radha Society - Plot No. 3
Bhrigu Apartments - Plot No. 4
Royal Residency Society - Plot No. 5
Ganapati Apartments - Plot No. 6
Manzil Apartments - Plot No. 7
Sarav Sanjhi Society - Plot No. 8
Gayatri Society - Plot No. 9
Park Royal Apartments - Plot No. 10a
Sunview Apartments - Plot No. 10b
Munirka Apartments - Plot No. 11
Sukh Sagar Apartments - Plot No. 12
Krishna Apartments - Plot No. 13
Home Living Society - Plot No. 14
Azad Hind Society - Plot No. 15
Shivalika Apartments - Plot No. 16
Mount Everest Society - Plot No. 17

Sector - 10
Hilansh Society - Plot No. 1
Dharam Vihar - Plot No. 2
R.B.Cabinet Affairs Society - Plot No. 3
Rajni Gandha Apartments - Plot No. 4
Amba Society - Plot No. 5
HMM Employees - Plot No. 6
Prag Jyotishpur Apartments - Plot No. 7
Chandanwari Apartments - Plot No. 8
Panchsheel Apartments - Plot No. 9
Shiv Shakti Apartments - Plot No. 10
Bandhu Vihar II - Plot No. 11
IIT Engineer's Society - Plot No. 12
Prerna Society - Plot No. 13
Godrej Apartments - Plot No. 14
Saral Apartments - Plot No. 15
Shakuntalam Apartments - Plot No. 16
Maitri Apartment - Plot No. 17
Nanda Devi Apartments - Plot No. 19
Supriya Apartments - Plot No. 20
Divya Society - Plot No. 21
New Adarsh Apartments - Plot No. 22
Apna Vihar - Plot No. 23
Bharat Petroleum Society - Plot No. 23a
Mass Society - Plot No. 24
The N.E.I. - Plot No. 25
Manbhavan Apartments - Plot No. 26
Gayatri Apartments - Plot No. 27
Cosmos Society - Plot No. 28
Prabhavi Apartments - Plot No. 29b
Rohit Apartments - Plot No. 30
Suruchi Apartment - Plot No. 31
Shama Apartments - Plot No. 32
The New Cosmopolitan - Plot No. 33
Madhur Jiwan Apartments - Plot No. 34
The Great Lyall Pur Society - Plot No. 35
Vinayak Apartments - Plot No. 36
The Thiruvizha Society - Plot No. 37
Eligibal Society - Plot No. 38
Pacific Appartments - Plot No. 39
Baroda House Society - Plot No. 40a
Niji Society - Plot No. 40b
Elephanta Heights Apartment - Plot No. 41
Manchahat Apartment - Plot No. 42

Sector - 11
Shahjahana Bad Society - Plot No. 1
Dr. RML Hospital Society - Plot No. 2
I.A.L. Cargo Society - Plot No. 3a
Gulmohar Apartments - Plot No. 3b
A. G. Bros Society - Plot No. 3c
Appu Enclave - Plot No. 3d
Gold Croft Society - Plot No. 4
Vrindawan Apartments - Plot No. 5a
Gokul Your Home - Plot No. 5b
Pragatishee Bhirwa - Plot No. 5c
Shyam Society - Plot No. 5d
Sri Durga Society - Plot No. 6a
Apna Ghar Society - Plot No. 6b
Seema Apartments - Plot No. 7
Ashoka Enclave - Plot No. 8a
Modest Ketaki Society - Plot No. 8b
I. D. C - Plot No. 8c
Yash Apartments - Plot No. 9
Young Professional Society - Plot No. 10
Sadbhawna Society - Plot No. 11

Sector - 12
Nav Sanjivan Society - Plot No. 1
Vidyut Society - Plot No. 2
Vimal Apartments - Plot No. 3
Ishwar Apartments - Plot No. 4
Sahyadri Apartments - Plot No. 5
Sharihari Apartments - Plot No. 6
Friends Circle Society - Plot No. 7
Ashoka Apartments - Plot No. 8
Upkari Society - Plot No. 9
Brindawan Garden - Plot No. 10
Aashirwad Apartments - Plot No. 11
KM Apartments - Plot No. 12
New Arohi Apartments - Plot No. 13
Vikram Nagar Society - Plot No. 14
Abhiyan Apartment - Plot No. 15
Park View Apartments - Plot No. 16
The Dhanpo Thowar - Plot No. 17
Shivani Society - Plot No. 18
Palazzio Society - Plot No. 19
Trimurti Apartments - Plot No. 20
Sant Sunderdas Society - Plot No. 21
Highland Towers - Plot No. 22
Rajput Society - Plot No. 23
Classic Apartments - Plot No. 24
Maharaja Saini Apartments - Plot No. 25
Kanaka Durga Society - Plot No. 26
Sunny Vallery Apartments - Plot No. 27

Sector - 13
D.J.A. Society - Plot No. 1
Gule Gulfam Society - Plot No. 1a
Ravi Shanker Apartments - Plot No. 2
Ayudh Vihar Society - Plot No. 3
Swaroop Sadan Apartments - Plot No. 4
The Shabad Society - Plot No. 5
Maha Bhadrkali Apartments - Plot No. 6

Sector - 18
Belur Society - Plot No. 1
Nistads Society - Plot No. 2
Chinar Apartments - Plot No. 3
The Seth Vihar Society - Plot No. 4
The Satyam Society - Plot No. 5
Samrat Ashok Enclave Society - Plot No. 6
Mamdam Society - Plot No. 7
Bharat Petroleum Society - Plot No. 8
Karuna Vihar Society - Plot No. 9
Peoples Conservative Society - Plot No. 10
Consulting Engineers Society - Plot No. 11
Janaksar Society - Plot No. 12
Raj Residence - Plot No. 13
Kirti Maan Appartment - Plot No. 14
Aakriti Appartment - Plot No. 15
Manokamna Society - Plot No. 16
Vijay Society - Plot No. 17
Dharam Society - Plot No. 18
G. N. R. Prem Milan Appartment - Plot No. 19

Dwarka News & Helpine Numbers!!!!!!! coming soon......

Local News:
I am planning to start putting in some local news here which would be useful for people residing in Dwarka and for people outside of Dwarka but are interested to know what’s going around in Dwarka.

Dwarka Helpline:
The idea is to provide here list of important numbers for daily use which are not easily available elsewhere. I am not going to capture those contacts details which are readily available elsewhere like emergency numbers. I am in currently compiling the list. You will very soon see the list here.

Lifeline of Dwarka subcity

The city of flourishing business and prospering trade markets with an added zing of popular residing abode, Dwarka has all the ingredients to make an apt sub city of the dynamic Delhi. Surrounded by Indira Gandhi international airport, shopping and trading district of Connought place and old Delhi railway station in the vicinity, the modern Dwarka is slowly gaining the status of a metropolitan city within a city. It is thereby becomes important that such an area should be well supported by a sound transport system, in this case being Delhi Metro.
Delhi’s prolific transportation system i.e. Metro train through its well placed tracks all over Delhi city makes it easier for a common man to commute to Dwarka that is facilitated by metro’s blue line connectivity at 8 stations being Dwarka Mor, Dwarka, sector 14, sector 13, sector 12, sector 11, sector 10 and the last stop sector 9. In fact, Delhi metro railway corporation owing to the growing popularity of the Dwarka city has announced the extension of the CP-I.G.I line to be extended till Dwarka sector 21 giving Dwarka the luxury to enjoy two separate metro lines alone in Delhi. In addition, the existing blue line will now cater to the remaining Dwarka sectors of 8, 9, 22 and 23 as soon as 2010. Going to Dwarka is now as easy as walking down the road. Right!

Dwarka - The emerging paradise

DWARKA, NOW known as the largest sub-city of Asia has blossomed from a desolate and uninhabited locality into a world-class habitat in just no time. There were days when the roads, sans street lights and signals, were dotted with heaps of mud and dust-covered buses. This barren land, developed in less than six years, has become the largest sub-city of Asia. Even basic necessities like grocery, water and electricity used to be a problem. People were not only hesitant to visit Dwarka but also stayed away from exploring this unknown piece of land on earth. Dwarka has become the envy of people living in the so-called posh localities like Greater Kailash or Kalkaji who once believed that Dwarka was a godforsaken place.

With the flyover connecting the airport and the Delhi metro connecting CP, travelling has become much more comfortable for the masses, as the level crossing below the flyover had indeed become a nightmare for people going to college or office.

The Sector-6 market developed gradually and the place, which was not crowded a few years ago, is now a bustling market, throbbing with activity - so much so that finding a slot to park your car has become a difficult proposition. For the young and vibrant crowd of Dwarka, the Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, Bercos and KFC have arrived, ending uncomfortable travel over long distances for that steamy cup of Cappuccino or a spicy veggie’s delight. The skyrocketing land prices will indisputably make this one of the most expensive places in Delhi. It seems that Dwarka, touched by a fairy’s magic wand, has turned into a paradise. If this development continues, Dwarka will very soon be among the list of avant-garde places of the country.

It is the responsibility of all of us, who have made Dwarka our home, to ensure that our sub-city is maintained the way the planners had conceived it to be: An ultra-modern and futuristic living complex. We need to ensure that Dwarka does not degenerate like so many other places which are languishing owing to poor maintenance and public apathy.

Future of Dwarka

What more we can expect in Dwarka Subcity in next few years?
· Dwarka is going to absorb Delhi's 5th and largest ISBT at Sector 23.
· 7 Sports Complexes have been planned in the Dwarka sub city, of which 1 has been constructed by DDA and is fully functional. It has got every sport facility & in use to the fullest.
· India's largest Exhibition and Convention Center to be built by DLF in Sector 24 by 2010.
· New Delhi's second diplomatic enclave after Chanakya Puri to come up in Sector 26,27,28,29, The diplomatic enclave will house embassies of at least 39 nations. This will give Dwarka some international look & hopefully authorities will keep Dwarka more clean & maintained. You can expect better security thereafter.
· Several 5 and 7 star hotels have also been planned across the sub city. Most likely to come up before the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

That’s not the end of Dwarka’s growth story. It’s expected to be one of the best places to live in Delhi. Hopefully water and electricity situation will improve in Dwarka.


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