Monday, July 21

Polling still on Night Life in Dwarka

Folks, it does seem that there is no equivalence of night life in Dwarka. You just don't feel safe to go out late in the evening. I think the main culprit is Delhi itself where the night life could n't evolve much to the needs of 'Aam Admi' like in big metros worldwide. You can't even compare it with the night life of Mumbai itself.
Ok. Let's forget the big bang night life but do we have options where atleast we can go out in the lazy evening & have sip of our favourite drink with a sexy music in the background.
Dude you need to come back with some options, we have to find out some options if not in Dwarka atleast around Dwarka in popular places like Janak Puri, Vikas Puri or any other close by locations from where atleast we can comeback safely :-)

Sunday, July 20

Life in Dwarka - An introduction

Hello Folks,
I invite all the folks from in & around Dwarka. This is a sub city part of west delhi. It is surrounded by some of the popular areas like Domestic Airport, Mahavir Enclave, Janak Puri, Uttam Nagar, Delhi Cantonment Area, Raja Puri & lot many other small colonies. The main reason for introducing this blog is to be aware of what's hot 'n' happening in Dwarka. We will use this forum to discuss about night life in Dwarka, the party places, clubs, sports, restaurants, career, education options, schooling & what people like about Dwarka or missing in Dwarka.
I would encourage you to let me know the topic you would be most interested in & I will make sure I provide you here the sufficient information on those topics of course with your help.
Let's we all together make Dwarka the best place to chill in & enjoy our life.


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