Monday, February 9

Why pay brokerage for residential rental requirements?

Dear Tenants,Good news for you. Now you don't need to pay any brokerage to these property agents for providing few name of residential properties.Artha Green Rental Solutions is coming with a service which will remain completely free for Tenants/Renters. There could be some nominal charges if you ask to search a property to your specific needs. For their listed property owners there will be any charge for standard residential apartments.You can contact them on:

For more details search thru the following website:

Dwarka Rental Solutions for Property owners & tenants

Artha Green Rental Solutions recently launched one of its kind for property management services. This is a tailor made solution for typical property owners to rent out their property in more secure & easy manner.This service is currently available in Dwarka. You can call or write to them for direct informartion.


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