Tuesday, September 8

My Dwarka, My Delight

DWARKA SUB-CITY is a well planned and an organised residential area located in the Southwest of Delhi. Around six to seven years back, this place was nothing more than barren land. With huge apartments, tall buildings, clean wide roads and plenty of greenery, it has become one of the healthiest places in the capital. As a resident of Dwarka, I do face a few problems within the locality. To start with, people here often fall victim to problems like less parking facility, shortage of water, power and lack of transport available and so on. Each problem has to be sorted out meticulously keeping in mind that no place on earth is perfect. As residents of Dwarka, it is not only our duty to make it suitable for living but is also our responsibility to make sure that our area is made better. Dwarka is my home since seven years and I have seen this bare piece of land turn into a posh locality. Even basic necessities like grocery, water and electricity used to be a problem. People were not only hesitant to visit Dwarka but also stayed away from exploring this unknown piece of land on earth. But today, it is known as the largest sub city of Asia. Some may argue saying, Dwarka does not have theatres or malls. In a way Dwarka-ites should consider it to be a blessing in disguise. Coming up of theatres or malls will pull in more crowd. More crowds would pull in more traffic. People would throng along from different parts of Delhi causing congestion and would make way for unscrupulous activities. As it is, Delhi is called the crime capital and no place in Delhi is free from crime; at least the number of crime happenings in Dwarka are less as compared to the other areas in Delhi.The minute I slide down from the flyover and enter Dwarka, I get the feeling of entering a new world all together. It appears to be away from the crowds and happenings of the main city. Every sector or rather every plot in Dwarka is developed after a great deal of planning. Almost each sector has a DDA park for the kids to spend their evenings. Not only this, most apartments in Dwarka are spacious and have parking facility inside their apartments. So, one need not worry about parking their cars somewhere outside. Whereas, in the much talked about areas of South Delhi, parking one’s own car nearby becomes a problem. The domestic as well as the international airports lie in the vicinity of Dwarka. Metro has been Dwarka’s pride ever since the beginning. The metro line connects Dwarka to Central, North and East Delhi. Dwarka has certainly been a blessing to its residents and I would call myself lucky enough to stay in such a place. Right from temples to churches, schools to colleges and hospitals to clinics, Dwarka-ites need not worry about anything.After setting up a number of schools within Dwarka, the government is already planning to set up colleges here. Delhi University’s Bhaskara Charaya College of Applied Sciences is already functional and along with it Indraprastha University is also hopeful of coming up with colleges within an year. Private colleges like Apeejay Institute of Management and Mass Communication has students from various parts of Delhi. All these colleges offer a variety of regular courses to students. This takes away the burden of commuting to far flung places for a degree or a diploma. Popular joints have also opened their branches putting an end to travel all the way till Connaught Place or South Delhi. Pizza Hut, Bercos, Dominos, Pizza Corner, Costa Coffee and KFC have all reduced the strain of going out of Dwarka. Everything is made available in an easy manner. Restro-bars like Club 7 and Godavari have come up for those who love to share a drink of beer or whisky. Dwarka was earlier considered to be a dreadful place with no connectivity to the outside world; but looking at so much of developments, Dwarka has blossomed from a desolate land into a world class habitat in just no time and is no longer a godforsaken place as it was thought to be. Dwarka has changed beyond recognition and in no time it will be among the list of avant-grade places of the country.

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