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Best Dance & Music Academy in Dwarka

Best Dance & Music Schools in Dwarka:

Dwarka Sector Academy Name Academy Address Academy Phone number & e-mail ID

Dwarka, Sector-1
Kathak / Odissi Dance: H. No. 101, Sec-1, Pocket-1, DDA SFS Flats, 9810882403/ 9873091077

Dwarka, Sector-4
Arohi Music Academy 152, Vardhman J.P. Plaza, Plot No.8, 9350828779/45537575,
Rouble's Guitar School Sec-4, Opp. Pizza Hut, 989999941/9999719998

Dwarka, Sector-6
Kalari School Of Dance Shop No. 213, Sec-6, Main Market, 25334060/9871009484
Tansen Sangeet Vidyalaya 302,Pankaj Plaza 1, Main Market, Sec-6, Dwarka 28080227/25072076,

Dwarka, Sector-7
Concert Dance & Music Academy Cozy Cot Special School, Community Center, Behind Vardhman Mall, Palam Extn, 9811487712 / 9312408234
Dance Club D-451, Palam Extn. 9899173380/ 9312325151
Dance Culture Shiksha Bharti Public School, 9268886615 / 9899170400
Kalakendra A-170, Palam Extn. 32009894/ 9350580899,
Learn Vocal Music 143, Sargodha Apartment, 45542362/ 9868605422,
Natyakailas D-999, Ist Floor, Ramphal Chowk, Palam Extn, 32448503/ 9810395199,
Sanskar D-464, Palam Extn. Sec-7, Near Ramphal Chowk, 9818888321,
Sarang Sangeet Maha Vidyalaya Little Garden Play School, 13-Palam Extn, 28031764/9868075497

Dwarka, Sector-10
Hot Steppers Dance Academy 303, Odean Plaza, Plot No.13, Sec-10 Market(above Apni Rasoi Restaurant), Dwarka 9911288777
Dwarka, Sector-10 Symphonia School Of Music 304, Classic Airport Tower, Sec 10, Central Market, Dwarka 9350570021/9811901638

Dwarka, Sector-11
Swarangan Sangeet Vidyalaya Pankaj Arcade, Plot No. 7, Sector - 11, Pocket-4, T-4,5,5a (Near Kargil Chowk), Dwarka, New Delhi-75 9891997999/01165127791

Dwarka, Sector-13 Sur Sadhna Flat No. 238, Pocket -B, Metro View Apartments, Sec-13, Dwarka, New Delhi-75 9899836776/9871922325

Dwarka, Sector-14
Bharatnatyam, 9717412397
Dwarka School Of Music Nirmal Bhartia School, Opp Sec-14 Metro Station , Dwarka, 9717690913 / 9868038161
Swaranjali Sangeet Vidyalaya Flat No. 482, Pocket -2, Dwarka 9818010836/9971323182

Dwarka, Sector-17
Kalari School Of Dance Flat No. 609, Sec-17, Pkt-A, Dwarka 25334060/9871009484

Dwarka, Sector-19
Muddra - A Creative Gesture, Behind Vardhaman Crown Mall, 9250386366/ 9968120127

Dwarka, Sector-23
Zenith Dance Institute Pvt. Ltd. Delhi International School, 9310888719,

Uttam Nagar
Swing 'N' Dance Academy H-120, Mohan Garden, Rama Park, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 9871756562 / 9958086267

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Abhishek Singh Bailoo said...

Hi! The Dwarka dance scene has changed since 2009, you may do another post to include new schools.

The best Salsa Classes in Dwarka are run at Leftfoot Salsa by Instructor Sundeep.

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