Wednesday, June 24

Lifeline of Dwarka subcity

The city of flourishing business and prospering trade markets with an added zing of popular residing abode, Dwarka has all the ingredients to make an apt sub city of the dynamic Delhi. Surrounded by Indira Gandhi international airport, shopping and trading district of Connought place and old Delhi railway station in the vicinity, the modern Dwarka is slowly gaining the status of a metropolitan city within a city. It is thereby becomes important that such an area should be well supported by a sound transport system, in this case being Delhi Metro.
Delhi’s prolific transportation system i.e. Metro train through its well placed tracks all over Delhi city makes it easier for a common man to commute to Dwarka that is facilitated by metro’s blue line connectivity at 8 stations being Dwarka Mor, Dwarka, sector 14, sector 13, sector 12, sector 11, sector 10 and the last stop sector 9. In fact, Delhi metro railway corporation owing to the growing popularity of the Dwarka city has announced the extension of the CP-I.G.I line to be extended till Dwarka sector 21 giving Dwarka the luxury to enjoy two separate metro lines alone in Delhi. In addition, the existing blue line will now cater to the remaining Dwarka sectors of 8, 9, 22 and 23 as soon as 2010. Going to Dwarka is now as easy as walking down the road. Right!

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