Friday, August 1

Doctors in Dwarka Subcity

I think whenever a new family comes to Dwarka, one of the foremost problems is to find out some good doctor in case of family emergency specially finding out some good child specialist or Gynecologist. What I found the place behind Dwarka Sector-6 is becoming a kind of to-be place for most of the specialist doctors. You will find here most of the consultant doctors covering almost all the specializations. It is still a question mark who is the best out of various consultants sitting here. But you will find good enough long queue with most of them. Even people from adjoining areas like Mahavir Enclave, Vijay Enclave, Matiyala, Palam village etc are frequently visiting Dwarka Sector-6 for their medical needs.
You can use the following web link to get the contact details of most of the clinics.

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